The king Chaturbhuj

Badbhomukta iti vyakhya gunato me na vastutah |
gunashcha maya mulatva na me mokshana bandhanam ||

There was a King named Chaturbhuj who was devotee Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji .He was a very noble king but the neighbor state always used to disturb his kingdom. Once the neighbor king attacked on the kingdom of Chaturbhuja .The battle lost along .

King Chaturbhuja requested in his mind to Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji to have a final win over the opponent and after the win he will come for the darshana. After a big battle King Chaturbhuj finally won the battle. After the battele king Chaturbhuja was planned to go for the darshana of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji. But he forgot the same. As the king use to worship Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji by heart, during his dream Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji reminded him about his promise. Next day the king remembered the dream and felt very much ashamed. The king said sorry to Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji several times and started immediately for the darshana of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji .

As the king felt himself very sorry for forgetting his promise. He decided not to take food until the darshana of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji so as to punish himself for forgeting. The king continued his travel without food but on the very next day Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji in a brahamin wesha (brahamin form) arrived to king at night and told that I am very much hungry so please give me some grains and place for cooking. The king helped him accordingly soon the food of the brahamin is ready and the brahamin arranged for 2 plates of meals and requested the king to come for the meal .The king told his difficulty but the brahamin said Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji is every where donít refuse my request otherwise I will also not take the food. With a respect in brahamins and Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji the king has no alternative other than to accept the invitation. At last the king arrived to the brahmin and sat infront of him and started to take the food. Just at the end of the meal the brahamin was suddenly disappeared. Like wise Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji used different tricks every night to feed the king. Some times even in dream Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji fed the king and as the king gotup in the morning he felt his stomach full.

After some days king Chaturbhuja reached Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji and prostrated. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji told him that god never wish such type of devotion, one should not do like that. One must take care of his health as the same is belongs to the almighty. The king Chaturbhuja accepted and said sorry to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji. Then the King halted at Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji for some more days for the service of Mahaswamiji .