Saint Vithabai

Na tato na mata na bhandhurna data
na putro na putri na bhrutyo na bharta |
na jaya na vidya na vruttirma maiva
gatistvam gatistvam tvameka bhavani ||

A divottee of Pndharpur Shri Ramappa Naik and Sau Santubai gave birth to a child in shake 1714(1792 ad). As they were devotees of Vithala and as they got the daughter with the blessings of Vithala they pur her name as Vithabai.(named Vithabai). Since child hood only Vithabai is very much interested towords spiritual activities (adhyatma), god etc. As the parents do worship lord Vithala she also got more interest in him . Days were gone Vithabai become elder and her parents arranged a marriage, but she had no interest in such routeen life

One night she ran out of home taking only a photo of Lord Vithala with her. At night she lost her way and wandered much in the jungle chanting the name of Lord Vithal. She also was not known where to go during these hours. Vithala gave Darshana to her and told that I am at Kundagol village, South of India, in the name of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji. You go there and you will get one more associate like you, do not worry. Then Lord Vithala disappeared.

Early in the morning she listened the familiar voices she knows, that is of taal mridunga etc chanting the name of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji in place of Lord Vithala. Vithabai rememberd the name Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji told by Lord Vithala. Accordingly she rushed towords the voice. She was so happy to see the Dindi which she knew since childhood. Vithabai also took darshana of Shri Rajaram Maharaj who was leading the dindi. Also told him every thing about Lord Vithala till she reached the dindi. Vithabai followed the dindi as the same was going to Kundagol .

All of them reached Kundagol and took darshana of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji. Shri Chidambar mahaswamiji recognizes her and told that, do not worry you will get what you desire from Lord Vithala then Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji put his hand on the head of vithabai she understood who is Sri Chidambar MahaSwamiji and who is she. Since then she also become one of the great disciples of Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji. She has written more than 40000 abhangas on Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji. (It is understood that those abhangas are some where near Kalghatgi of Kolhapur District). Vithabai achieved the place of great saint or one of the great disciple of shri hidambar Mahaswamiji. Vithabai is welknown for her dindi of Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji. It is told that in one of her visit to Alandi she has asked Dnyaneshwar Mauli that as both Vithala and Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji both are same why the other part, that is Sri Chidambar Maha Swamiji dindi is not growing. Dnyaneshwar Mauli told her to wait , I my self will do that.

At last Vitahabai went to Gokarna( a holy place ) and on the waives of the sea she travelled deep in side the sea and disappeared it was shake 1790( 1868 AD)

Saint Vithabai quote shri chidambar mahaswamiji as under

Ram krishna avatar | tochi aata chidambar ||

Garba songa dharita | vithala tochi ho aata ||

Vitahala ray rakhumai | chidambar savitri saraswati ||

Namdev rajaram | eise dharuniya nama ||

Vithabai sangate khoona | aan vahooniya jaan ||