Importance of bhasma

* BHASMA* means a dust of ash or a white powder of calcium ingredient which is more loving thing for lord Shiva. Also the other form is the burnt cow dung ie ash. As the meaning of Bhasma tends to END. With this one can end the sin commited. At Ujjain lord Shiva in the name Mahankaleshwer is worshiped with chitaBhasma(ash left after burning the dead human body).

Once a brahamin fall in love with a shudra lady and he continued to go to her. As the lady was married so her husband once plan to take revenge on the brahamin person. Accordingly he killed him during late night and thrown away the dead body out side the village. Next day it was Mahashivaratri festival people of the village were visiting to the temple of the lord Shiva on the occation. There was a mine of Bhasma near by the temple. One dog was wondering near by the temple for finding its food and dring that it sat on the Bhasma scattared out side the mine. The dog then with wandering here and there came towards the brahmin's body thrown outside the village. The dog just came there touched to smell out the body. Soon after that the person got his life, and got up from the place. It was due to the Bhasma on the dog's body. The brahmin remembered about his past, the happenings of earlier days understood every thing .So Bhasma it self is known as lord Shiva .

For brahmins it should be ore with Manasokta with Sadyojata, for the Gruhustas with trumbaka mantra, for vaishas with aghor trimbaka mantra, for sanyais and rest of all with Panchakshara Manthra .One can get all the benefits from Bhasma dharana .