Rights of Monkeys

Krishno rakshatu mam characharguruhu krishnam namasyamyaham |
krishnenamarashatravo vinihataha krishnay tasmai namah ||

A rich man at village Kundagol was living. He was a worshipper of god Lord Maaruti (Pranadeva). As a part of devotion and for the sake of lord Hanumanta (Maruti) he once thought to leave some part of his field(land of cultivation) for the monkeys to feed. So he use to harvest "grams"and leave it for monkeys to eat. Every year he use to harvest grams and leave them for monkeys. Monkeys to use live near by area an a large group as if it is their field( agriculture land). After some days the owner of the land has expired then the process of cultivating the land and leave it to the monkeys has stopped. After some years the land was soldout to some other person named Shri Hakim for cultivation by the sons of the earlier owner of the land.

Then Shri Hakim continued to cultivate all the land for himself only. Hakim had not left the monkeys land for monkeys. Also he has not harvested grams there. Insted he kept a watchman to protect from the monkeys not permitting them to enter in the land. The monkeys felt sorry but what they could do?.

Shri Chidamar Mahaswamiji was at Kundagol on the way to sanchara. One day Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji was on dias as usual for pravachana and darshana to the devotees. Where the monkeys in a group also came for the darshana of Shri Chidamar Mahaswamiji. As the monkeys are in hundreds the villagers of Kundagol surprised and confused about. Some devotees of Shri Chidamar Mahaswamiji who came for the darshana also got confused. Some people frightened, some thrown the stones toword them, some got closed their doors and windows. Still some monkeys were moving towords Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji residance.

Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji told the people and devotees "do not try to beat them they will not do any thing" .Many desciples ,devotees were also there.Till noon around thausand monkeys gatherd near by Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji. One of the so called leader of them who seems to be little older than the other momkeys got up and reached to Shri Chidamar Mahaswamiji and prostrated in his style. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji showed a place near to him to that monkey leader. The leader took the place as shown. The leader attured some words like " kri kir kri ..." at the same time other monkeys also followed with same voice. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji understood their problem. Then Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji called upon the leader of the village and accountat (we generaly call him as Patil or Gauda and Kulkarni ). As the leaders of the village arrived Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji told them that these monkeys arrived here to lodge a complaint. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji also told what the monkeys say. That is since long many years they have got a land donated alongwith cultivated grams and left for them to eat. But the same has been stopped and they want their land back as ealrier. So to seek justice they all came here to me. We have to find out the solution and give justice to them. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji told the monkeys to wait for two days and we will find some solution . Till then Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji with the descoples have bought two big bags of grams* and made them hot with salt and served to the mankeys . All the monkeys waited for two days without making any harm to any one.

After that the old people of the village, the gauda, kulkarni of Kundagol with the help of Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji decieded to return the land to the monkeys duly cultivated with grams, by paying the amount to the Hakim as a cost of land. The same has been convayed to the group of monkeys. All the monkeys have become very happy and they prostrated to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji and returnrned in to the jungle jumping with lifted tails.

Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji is kind enough not only to the human beings but also towords plants and animals. At the same time it is surprising to note that the language of animals also known to Shri Chidambar mahaswamiji. Shri Chidambar mahaswamiji knows 56 languages other than the languages of animals