Holy Ganges water

sahayadnyaha prajaha srushtwa purovaach prajapatihi |
anen prasavishyadhwamesh ostwishtakaamadhuk ||

Once Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji had gone to Malaprabha river for bath during the Parvakaal. ( Parvakaal is an auspicious day ). There, a poor Brahmin person came for darshan of Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji. He was so poor that he did not have ful clothes to wear. Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji was in the river, thinking to take a dip in for bath. The person prostrated at the bank of the river itself towards Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji soon after he saw Mahaswamiji. The attention of Shri Chidambar mahaswamiji went towards him and asked about him .

The Brahmin said, “ Swamiji, I am very poor. Please bless me so that I can get meals of two times a day”. Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji is always kind hearted and told the person to come in the water and take a bath. He did it accordingly. After the bath Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji took a jug (Kalash) of river water and sprinkled on his clothes. To his surprise, the water was not coming down through clothes, instead it took solid form of gold, soon after touching the clothes, water was turning into gold!

The Brahmin was watching the magic surprisingly and became very happy. Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji told him to collect the gold peaces and do some business. The person had done accordingly.He prostrated in the lotus feet of Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji.Then Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji told him indirectly to improve his behavior. Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji said, “Speak always positive. Always chant God’s name. Always speak the truth. Pay attention towards your family, so that you will live happily in future, otherwise you will again come to the present condition”. The Brahmin agreed for all the teachings of Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji and went to his village.

Since then he followed strictly the teachings and lived happily by chanting the name of Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji.