Scholars from Benaras

shankarah shankarah sakshat vyaso narayano harihi |
tatorvivade samprapte kinkarah kimkarobhyaham ||

Since ancient days, Kashi i.e. Banaras is famous for hindu Scholars (pundits), most brilliant scholars live in Kashi. As the river Ganga and Lord Vishwanath dwell there, they give every thing to devotees. As the name of Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji reached to Kashi, some of the Brahmins could not tolerate it. They decided to do something. So some brilliant Brahmins who knew the entire vedas, shastras, puranas etc.were selected and sent towards Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji to deceive him.

A team of four brilliant scholars started their journey to Gurlhosur. One night during the travel they had a dream, in which they saw a Brahmin with a kalasha in his hand and a pagadi on head, told them that "why unnecessarily you have taken trouble to come to Gurlhosur? I am a simple Brahmin. I do not know the vedas and shastras etc. You would have blessed me from Kashi only". Every body had the same dream. They were surprised. Here at Gurlhosur Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji told to all devotees that some scholars from Kashi were coming to test him (or to deceive him). He told his devotees to be ready with arrangements.

The team arrived to Gurlhosur during night and stayed at one of the temple. After some time all of a suuden Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji stood in front of them and said, “I am Chidambar, a simple Brahmin. You are actually vedamurties (idols of vedas). So I came for your darshana, please bless me.” The scholars said, “Oh! you are He. Ok. Whatever you may be, we will see you in front of all in the sabha (meeting). Where you will have to face us regarding vedas and if you are defeated, you will have to come with us leaving every thing here only.” Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji said, “O.K . Lord Vishwanath will full fill your will also.” And left them.

Next day in the morning the pravachana hall was full for listening Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji's teaching. At that time the scholars arrived there. With a loud voice towards Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji and public. The scholars said, “The person named here as Chidambara is neither god nor a studied scholar. He is misguiding you people. If he has ability to discus about vedas and shastras, he should. Otherwise he should leave all this accepting the defeat and come with us to Kashi, where leagal punishment will be given”. Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji smiled and saw towards the public and told to the scholars " I am a simple brahmin , Inever told to any body that I am God also I accept your brilliancy but even then if you want to discuss I am ready ". The scholars wee not in a listening mood with egoestic voice they challanged Shri Chidambar mahaswamiji and called for discussion. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji called a child who was four years old and was in the lap of his mother. The mother gave her child to Mahaswamiji. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji gave him some fruits to eat. After eating the fruits, the child started to speak in Sanskrit and asked Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji as “What shall I do? ”. Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji said, “I do not know Sanskrit etc. You have to discus vedas with these Vedonarayanas.” Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji told to the scholars tahat you may discuss first with this child and then after defeating him you may discuss with me. The scholars surprised and agreed upon. Then the child started to talk in Sanskrit with the scholars to establish to start poorwa pada (the first argument). With in a short time the scholars understand how difficult task it is and slowly all four were defeated. The meeting was laughing at them.

At last the scholars rushed towords Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji and touched his feet saying, “we are very sorry. Please excuse us.” Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji smiled and said, “Get up. Leave it any way. You are chanting vedas all the time. So you should be respected.” Then Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji gifted clothes and some money to them as a mark of respect. The team stayed in Gurlhosur for three months, Watched the ability of Shri. Chidambara Mahaswamiji and confirmed that the Lord Vishwanatha of Kashi was living here only. The team of three members started to return to Kashi and one member said, “I will live here only, as actual Vishwanatha is living here. Why should I go elsewhere?”

Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji never get angree even others make defame pr insult to him. all the time he is kind enough towords all