Adamant Husband

yatah pravruttirbhutanam en sarvamidam tatam |
swakarmana tamabhyarch siddhim vindatimanavah ||

Sri Chidambar maha swamiji was very famous as a actual walking god on a earth. Whose name was spread all over south India. During the time in the village Shirahatti an arthrodox Vaishnav Brahamin was living. He was very much hard liner about vaishnava also at the same time he use to denaunce, defame lord Shiva in his routeen.His wife was very much loyal simple and at the same time spititual woman. As she heard about Sri Chidambar maha swimiji she all the way thinking to go for darshana of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji but due to the character of her husband she kept quiet.

After some days she got very much eagerness for the darshana of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji and she told the same to her husband. Then the Vishnu bhakta husband who has very much angry with Lord Shiva and Shaiva people, told that " listen we are vaishanavas we are greater than any body else and Shaiva people are our enemies. Sri Chidambar maha swamiji also is a shaiva. So it is not good to take darshana of shaivas ". Also he told that by taking darshana of these people the sin do cometo us. After some months his wife once again asked about Sri Chidambar maha swamiji darshana mean while as she heard much about the god actualy living on earth. This time her husband angreed very much, thratened her and ordered not remind the same once again if at all you visited alone for the darshana of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji I will kill you .

Days and months have gone then once Sri Chidambar maha swamiji arrived in the house of the neighbourer of this vaishanava during sanchara. As the news about arrival of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji reached to him he thought that his wife will go for the darshana of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji at the neighbouring house without knowing to him . So he put his wife in one of the room of his house and locked from out side .

The wife of vaishnava was very much dissapointed, she cried heartly , requested by heart to Sri Chidambar maha swamiji to help her for the darshana. She was thinking in the mind what should be done and weeping. And suddenly Sri Chidambar maha swamiji stood infront of her and told that mother do not worry you will come soon along with yourhusband for my darshana till then, wait. Sri Chidambar maha swamiji dissapeared. She prostated to the place where Sri Chidambar maha swamiji dissapeared .

Then Sri Chidambar maha swamiji went to Hubli from Shirahatti. Here the lady was waiting for the day to come as per Sri Chidambar maha swamiji told her. After some months there was a drought in that area. Every body were in the problem of food and water. The vaishanava also was in a very bad position. One day they have nothing to eat at home . Were thinkig about solution, on that day she told her husband at least now listen to me and " we will go for Sri Chidambar maha swamiji darshaan". Now with anger the vaishanava to his wife told, state way that I will come with you but If we got nothing from Sri Chidambar maha swamiji I will kill you. Accordingly his wife agreed also. What a faith?. And both of them went to Sri Chidambar maha swamiji. As they reached late they immediately went for the darshana. The vaishnava's wife rememberd the word of Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji that " both of you will come for my darshana" told before a year.

The vaishanava's wife prostrated to Sri Chidambar maha swamiji but her husband has not. Even then Sri Chidambar maha swamiji called him and gave some rice. Also told him that it is too late, you may go and prepare rice from this and take the meal. Remember half of the rice may kept with you. Next day morning they both went once again to Sri Chidambar maha swamiji. Took darshana and requested for permission to return. Sri Chidambar maha swamiji permited them to go to Shirahatti. The wife of the vaishanava has forgoten every thing with the darshana of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji. At the same time her busband was very much angreed upon her and on Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji as he got nothing as he told while coming for the darshana. Also he said we are not cared.

Soon they reached to their home he started quarling with his wife. With angreely he took a wapon and in a loud voice he was rushing towards his wife to kill. Mean while his wife remembered the half portion of the rice which Sri Chidambar maha swamiji has given a day before. Here at a kitchen she opened the cloth bundelled. To the surprice of her all the rice had become gold. At the same time her husband reached to herto kill. She showed the gold in a cloth. Also she told that it is the same rice we left half portion on that night. With this much of gold by selling this we can live years together. how can you say we have not cared and we got nothing from Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji. Her husband could not understand any thing. He was surprised to see and fall down unconciously . When he woke up he was very much shameful to see his wife . He told to his wife that I am very very sorry for the mistakes committed about Lord shiva and Shaiva people. So be ready we will go to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji darshana and beg pardon.

He once again started for the darshana of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji along with is wife immidiatly. Since then he was devotee of Sri Chidambar maha swamiji along with lord Vishnu.

Shri Chidambar mahaswamiji told them never differentiate between Lord shiva and Lord vishnu, it is the biggest sin you may worship one or both it is one and the same. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji blessed them and sent back