The Great Name

The King of Navalgund was very much devotional and having faith in the god. But once in a anger mood he killed a Brahmin. Since then he was very much disturbed for what he has done. He went to all peethas of Shri Shankarcharya . They also could not help him. The king had done many solutions but he has not came out of the sin committed and his mind continued to be distarbed all the time. At last he came to Gurlhosur as a ordinary person and for six months he used to clean the ground in front of Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji's house as a repentance.

One day Shivashastri asked the where about of him. the king told all the story .Then Shiv shastri asked him to come with and take prasada along with all. Before entering the hall he asked him to say "ShivChidambar" twice and sit for the prasada. Accordingly the king had done it and sat to take prasada. The people who know about the king thought that he has done wrong thing and for that purpose only even Shankaracharya peethas also expelledand banned him out of community. When the news heard by one to another people got up without taking the served prasada with him. During that time Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji arrived there and asked what has happend. The dervotees along with Shiv shastri told every thing to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji.

Shiv shastriji told that he has got his repetannce(pashchatapa) and I told him to say ShivChidambara twice and brought him for the prasada inside with everybody. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji told that why twice? only once if he told ie pronounced the name ShivCidambara is sufficient. Then the devotees who got up have sat down for taking the prasada with chanting the name Shiv Chidmbara. One must think that with a single pronauncation of the name SHIV CHIDAMBAR , the biggest sin like brahmahatya ( killing of a brahmin or a cow) is vanished, what will happen for more and more chanting the name SHIVACHIDAMBAR.