Help in drought

Hastasya bhushanam danam satyam kanthasya bhushanam |
shrotasya bhushanam shastram bhushanaihi kim prayojanam ||

Once in a Kshaya nama sanvatsara ie in 1805 A D, a big drought has fallen. As the name Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji has well known every where people are coming from all the area to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji for food and shelter etc. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji use to offer food to every body and every day for all those who arrive to him. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji was very much kind hearted and he could not see the severness of drought and also thought to reverse the drought condition. But it was against the nature so planed to help people in other way.

Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji came out of Gurlhosur in the name of "Sanchar". With an advice to his son Diwakar to arrange food for all the persons coming to Gurlhosur. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji arrived to Bedsur viilage (which comes under Savadatti talooka presently ) where one of his devotee named Mallappa Gauda was living. Mallappa's wifes name was Sau Yamunabai. MallappaGauda was very happy to recieve Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji and the devotees acompanied. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji asked about his life, Mallappa told that every thing I got is from your blessings only and life is running better.

As Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji was at Bedsur people are coming there from drought area to seek help.On one day two persons came to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji and prostrated to give food and grains also for their family. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji asked Mallagauda to help them . Mallagauda replied that he has nine under ground containers of Jawar earlier but now all most maximum containers are on the way to be empty. And daily people are coming for food, for them also I have to manage.

Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji understood his difficulties and asked him to show the containers. Only two containers have some grains .Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji asked Mallagauda to put some grains in the Mahaswamiji's cloth ie in to the upparana. Mallagauda done accordingly. Then Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji thrown some grains in each of the container and closed them. And advesed Mallappa gauda to open after three days .

Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji has took the grains from the half filled two container and gave one bag each to the persons arrived for food. The news spread all over villageand nearby villages and looking to this people rushed. Every body were reqesting for the grains. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji started to distribute grains to them also. And with in a short time both the containers become empty. Mallagauda was looking every thing but he has not told any thing to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji. Mean while Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji thrown some more grains from his cloth in to the two containers just become empty and told to open after three says .

After three days when Mallagauda opend the containers, to his surprise he saw all the containers are full of grains .Mallagauda arrived to Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji and caught the feet. Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji put the hand on his head and blessed him and told that you are very kind person (danashoora). Mallagauda told Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji that I have done nothing every thing was of yours. Then Shri Chidambar Mahaswamiji went to Kusugallapur along with his devotees in the name of sanchara to help the poor and needy.

The very motto of sanchara is to help the needy and not to seek anything from the people for his own

Still the family of Mallagauda( next generation) is there at Bedsur village.