Style of Chanting

Atho anyo devatamupaste |
nyo savanyoahamasmiti naved yatha pashu ||

In simple words jaap means chanting the name or names of god or guru you believe . Everything in the world comes to an end only the name of god you may call nama will not come to an end . With a smallest part of the god itself by which you can get almighty. As long as the chanting becomes sizable you are running towards the almight and you may reach to him. It is the simplestet, easiest and cheapest method in the present world . There are many other ways to reach the almighty those are by karma yoga, dhyan yoga, bhakti yoga etc but if you know nothing of this you may just enchant the name of the almighty. The enchanting are of three styles or types.

  1. Vaikhari : i.e. echanting with loudly
  2. Upanshu : only moving the lips but no sound.
  3. Manai : here no sound no word

These are also fall under different types i.e.

  1. Nitya : which are daily or regular
  2. Naimattika : on special occassions such as Maha - Shivaratri, eclipse day etc.
  3. Kamya : to achieve some thing
  4. Prayaschita : confession
  5. Aachala jaapa : without moving any where sitting or standing or in a particular position
  6. Chala : all the time any where
  7. Aakhanda : in a group if people chanting comtinued one by one i.e. if one finishes particular number of chanting or particular time immediately the next one continues the same and when he is at the finishing next one continues.
  8. Pradakshina:While pradakshina at Temple ie while making rounds to temple.
  9. Ajapa : Also called as hansa japa, while breathing it can be done.
  10. Viloma japa:Enchanting with mantra which will be done automatically.
  11. Nishiddha : Its irregular japa also not sacred .
  12. Likhit: By writing the name one by one in lacs or crores .

    Place for chanting:

    Generaly it is better to do in the room of god or in front of god at home Dev ghar ), also on the banks of holy rivers, in the temple,on the banks of sea etc . You must sit on some mat or like those things but never sit on earth or ground . Asana ie mat of krishnajia , darbha , or mat made with wood , otherwise grass mat , woolen mat or a mat made up of cotton may be used . While sitting the face should be towords east or north preferably. You may use japamala of 108 ,54 ,27 counts , made up of crystell or rudraksha or tulsi with a meru.Please do not use thumb and middle finger .

    While sitting keep your eyes on the centre of forehead or on the photo of the god or guru. The place and time of japa should not be changed . Usualy at the end of jaap a song or a sloka of god may sing and then finish . Also remember that avoid any physical movements or speaking in the middle.Generaly choose the time of erly in the morning about 3.30 am (Brahma muhoortha) or during sunset or at night before sleep.One should not take non vegetarian food or alcohol . Always take the nama or mantra for japa from sadguru only. Because he only know exactly what you need and when .