Life to Dead bull

Eksha te bhihita saankhye buddhiryoge tvimam shrunu |
buddhvyai yukto maya parth karmabandham prahaasyasi ||

In a village called Bedsur near Murugod there lived a disciple of Sri Martand Dixit. His name was Mallappa. Mallappa was a wealthy person and a firm believer in God and spiritual activities. He had built a Shiva temple in the village and the consecration ceremony, that is Pranapratishtapana, was planned. For that he approched Shri Martand Dixit with a request to fix an auspicious day for the said ceremony of the temple. Shri Martand Dixit referred the almanac and fixed a day for the opening. Shri Mallappa returned back to his village and and began to make arrangements for opening ceremony. Accordingly he invited all the Brahmin preachers and priests of the village. But they advised him that the day was inauspicious as there was a Mrutyu Shadashtak yoga on that day. Mallappa was confused and replied that it was the same day given or fixed by his guru Shri Martand Dixit. How could it be inauspicious? The other Brahmins reiterated that it was certainly not a good day. As Mallappa had profound faith in his guru Shri Martand Dixit, he commenced ceremony as per his plan without paying any heed to the Brahmins.

No sooner did the ceremony start, one of his best and costliest bullock suddenly collapsed on the ground and died. The news reached Mallappa and he felt very sorry to hear it and became very nervous. Mallappa was very much confused about continuing the programme. The other Brahmin priests who were present, said that they had already warned him that the day was inauspicious. But since he had not heeded to them and kept faith in the guru, he had to face the consequences. They insisted that he should stop the ceremony then and there and "wait for some other auspicious day", the Brahmins said. Mallappa was more confused. During that time little Chidambara had arrived there. Chidambara asked Mallappa about why the ceremony was stopped midway? A tearful Mallappa told that one of his most valued bullock died due to mrutyushadakshaka yoga. He did not understand how the muhoortha (an auspicious moment for the ritual) went wrong as it was recommended by Shri Martand Dixit. Chidambara assured Mallappa that if the muhurta had been fixed by his father, it would never go wrong. It has to be auspicious definitely. Little Chidambara always used to tell “ Shubham bruyat “ meaning always speak auspicious. "Let us see where is the bullock ?" said little Chidambara. They all came to the hut where the bullock had laid dead on the ground. Chidambara took water in his hand and sprinkled it on the bullock. To everyone’s utter shock, the bullock got up as if awakened from its sleep, wagging its tail. And little Chidambara told Mallappa that he was worrying unnecessarily and thinking of suspending the ceremony for no reason.

Chidambara said that the muhurta selected by his father could never be wrong and hence the remaining part of the function be resumed. All the brahmins present were surprised by this little boy. The ceremony took place in a grand manner. Then child Chidambara returned to Murugod. The news of life given to a dead bullock by the little master spread far and wide. The news also reached Shri Martand Dixit.. Looking at all these miracles, Shri Martand Dixit advised Chidambaara not to exhibit his abilities till he was alive or until he told him the right time to show. Chidambara agreed to his father’s advice and told him that he had only shown him his “Baal Leela” (Child acts). The day Chidambara put life to the bulluck was the muhoortha of SHUKLAPAKSH PANCHAMI (Thursday). Even today it is known as a Gurudatta yoga. or Gurudatta muhoortha.

Since his childhood Chidambar had an absolute faith in his father. He had profound love and affection for his parents due to which he kept up his father's advice by bringing back the dead bull to life.